"At the beginning of his rule, Babangida did try to live up to his self-bestowed mantle as a restorer of human rights, releasing many politicians detained under the Buhari regime, but this patina wore off as time went by. Despite his initial promises to do so, Babangida never did get around to abolishing the notorious State Security (Detention of Persons) Decree Number 2, which established the right of the government to detain for six months any individual deemed dangerous solely on his say-so, without any right to a trial or even habeas corpus." This is according to I was pretty much a baby when General Ibrahim Babangida was in power and I was raised through his regime, and I know for a fact. We as Nigerians DO NOT NEED another Military dictator-turned-politican to run Nigeria. Obasanjo was enough. Check out this link that was sent to me.

Against Babangida Website


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