The Rule to being a provocative Bloke. The main key to being a suave bloke like me is getting other common folks to buy into the bullshit you are embracing without scolding anybody in the process. The strategy I like to use is comedy, make people laugh. People don't like scolders and women don't like being scolded. My shriek, Ms. Charles, tells me time after time that I am an asshole. Probably what I need is a help group like Alcoholics Anonymous, more like Assholes Anonymous. See I am not scared to let the asshole out from time to time and its should be a practice that all should try. But there lies a problem behind that, as long as you dont piss people off in the process you are fine. People's feeling get hurt easily and you dont wanna make them feel like you are better than them but the impression should be "sexier" not "better". Always understand the difference.

At the same time, in order to be suave you cant be looking over your shoulder worrying about what other idiots are thinking after you do something. For example, when Kanye proclaim to the whole world that George W doesnt about black people, he didnt care what the outcome was. Do not question yourself, just make it happen. I do sometimes say alot of stupid shit like kanye. you can't go around trying to make people feel better about themselves by explaining yourself all the time. Do you and someobdy will get you some of the time. Point blank I'm a fucking problem, capiche. I'm out.


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