If you can stomach the incessant dickriding from Ms. Jones and whoever the other clown on the show is, here is some audio of 50 on Hot 97 this morning. With the GRODT DVD dropping today and Mobb Deep release date steadily approaching, 50 is of course in prime talk shit mode. Among the topics discussed:

  • He claims he had nothing to do with Styles P’s album being pushed back.
  • Responding to Spike Lee’s invitation to sit in on one of his film classes, 50 says Spike doesn’t have anything to offer him.
  • He also speaks on the NOT AT ALL SUBLIMINAL shot Spike took in Inside Man, and wonders why people are mad at his game but not something like GTA.
  • Says Game went to the wrong house in his Stop Snitching Stop Lying DVD.
  • Takes more shots at Kanye West.
  • When asked if he will ever be President of Interscope records states: "I’m already the president of Interscope Records"
  • Speaks on Carmen’s book and says it’s all business and that Nas should have put his foot in her ass a long time ago.
  • On down south music: "They don’t want to think, they want to have a good time."
  • Criticizes Puff for how he jerked Big and says he’s "running him into the ground."

So, none of these comments are really anything new, but if I didn’t post it I might be accused of ‘hating’ by the Stanley’s. Plus, I figure there’s enough material here to occupy the commenters for the next 24 hours or so. Enjoy…

Audio Link 1, Link 2.  This Post is Courtsey of Nahright


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