Prince was slapped with a lawsuit – for painting his rented mansion with bright purple stripes. The 80s superstar reportedly customised the £40,000-a-month Hollywood home by covering it with purple lines and his personalised ‘Prince’ symbol. He was also accused of daubing ‘3121’, the title of his new album, on the house and installing a monogrammed carpet – also in his beloved purple – in the master bedroom. His landlord, NBA star Carlos Boozer, lodged a lawsuit against the singer in January. But the star’s lawyers insisted Boozer had collected his rent without complaining about the colourful additions.The lawsuit was subsequently withdrawn “without prejudice”. Meanwhile, the quirky star is giving fans the chance to win special purple tickets to a private concert at his home. The singer is hiding a small number of the ‘Willy Wonka’ style tickets in his new album and single ‘Black Sweat’ which are released this month. Fans who buy the lucky CDs will win an ‘Evening with Prince’ – a trip to the reclusive singer’s home to see the one-off performance. A source from Universal, Prince’s record label, said: “This is another great marketing stunt.”



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