Last week Blige offered some words to Lauryn Hill about getting her life together now its Whitney Houston’s turn. Mary J. Blige draws upon her own experience in advising Whitney Houston to admit to her alleged drug problems, stating the admission of an addiction is the “first step on the road to recovery.”Blige, who still battles with the effects of her past drug use, tells Britain’s “Attitude” magazine, “You have got to want to admit that you have got a problem, first of all. Then start to deal with why that is.”The “Be Without You” singer also says that Houston’s issues may be rooted in her own unhappiness. “It’s probably more than just drugs,” she says. “You get addicted to drugs and alcohol because you want to drown out all the problems in your life.”Describing herself as “a work in progress,” Blige says her current insight is the result of a long, hard journey that began when she looked in the mirror and began holding that person responsible for her problems, not others. Many of her lessons were handed down by a good friend and confidant, Chaka Khan.


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