Muhammad Ali gave the lunatics the keys to the asylum last weekend when he invited Robin Williams and Jim Carrey to his 12th annual Celebrity Fight Night benefit. Both of them came to Phoenix to help the champ battle Parkinson’s disease. Accepting an award from the boxing legend, Williams wasted no time plopping himself on Ali’s lap and talking to him like he was Santa. “For those of you who are here to support Parkinson’s research,” said the comic, “I just want to remind you to keep lobbying: Third-generation stem cells are like using beef jerky for a skin transplant.” Williams also paid tribute to the late expletive-spewing comic Richard Pryor, The News’ Kasia Anderson reports. “I’d like to propose that, just like they retire jerseys in the NBA, we retire term ‘Mother-[bleeper]!'” Carrey noted that he and Ali share a birthday, then went searching for God. “I was born into the world with my arms like this, going, ‘God, I have a big funnel here — and I’m ready for all the gifts of the universe — for every blessing and bountiful goodness you have — bring it on! … It was hard on my mother! The doctor took a look and said, ‘Ah yes, he’s gotten ahold of an existential funnel. We’ll have to do a C-section!'” The wackiness may have infected Ali, who took to sneaking up behind his celeb guests during photo ops and making Devil horns. But clearly, he’s still on the side of the angels: The event raised $6 million. SOURCE


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