This seems weird but why are the deleted scenes and outtakes from “The 40 year old virgin” funnier than some original scenes from the movie?


10 thoughts on “ANDY THE VIRGIN

  1. southernsmoke

    Benny … Its all about connections, not just cock & balls, & juicy pussy juice, alligator fuck house, hanging brain, double-decker pussys, shit-stain balls, …

  2. Oil Can Harry

    U know how I know y’all gay? Ur talkin bout a 40 yr old male virgin!! Man, I kill MYSELF!!!

  3. southernsmoke

    Benny: you know when you touch women’s breast, and it feels like a bag of sand
    Oil Can harry : Yea i think …I I ..know what you mean
    Benny: And I’m just nailin’ her, ya know? And she’s like, “Ah! You’re nailin’ me!”

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