Tunick’s Photo Shoot in Montreal in May 2001

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Brooklyn artist Spencer Tunick has photographed and filmed masses of people in the nude in dozens of public places from Finland to Australia, and now he is looking for at least 2,000 volunteers in Venezuela.Organizers said Tunick had chosen a street in Caracas for his human art installation and was asking volunteers to show up and strip on Sunday morning.

“I chose a location to me that was beauty and chaos combined – organized chaos,” Tunick told journalists on Thursday. “I’d probably be arrested for doing this and charged with a crime in half of the United States, so I’m honored to be here in Caracas and not be arrested.”The artist has been documenting assemblages of nude people in public places since 1992 and has been arrested multiple times in the United States while doing so.

He said it often was difficult to predict how many people would show up. He recalled that when he traveled to Chile he was met by 400 protesters outside his hotel. “We only expected maybe 800 people to participate, but over 4,000 people showed up, and it was just an amazing affirmation that my art also had meaning beyond the art itself,” he said. As for Caracas, he said, “Hopefully, I’ll get over 2,000. I really need 2,000 people to make this sculpture happen.”


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