Phil Armstrong, 51, from Pass Christian, Miss. “We lost everything–again,” referring to Hurricane Camille, which smashed into the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 1969. “The post-traumatic stress syndrome is yet to kick in.” by Kevin Horan for USN&WR

Michael Hebert, 31, from New Orleans “I’m homeless a month. …My daddy, my momma, my little sister, I ain’t talked to nobody. …The storm is driving us crazy. It has taken my life and turned it around. …I paid my taxes, I’m a United States citizen, and American, and we should not be here! A month! … Everybody leans on one another. If I had a hundred grand I’d give it to this lady here [Lavonne Lollar, previous photograph], and her family. …I wish I knew where my daddy was. I wish I had everything I lost.” 

Vivien Monus, from Long Beach, Miss. “I hope they’ll find me a trailer.” 

Avis Havard, 59, with brother, Herbert James Havard, 57  “This is the worst I ever saw. … Didn’t see Camille; I was in Vietnam then.”


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