Dissatisfied with women’s attempts to “go ‘head get down,” Jamie Fox continues to sing “Gold Digger” 500 times a night at whatever club or party he happens to be at. Our spy at Teddy’s on Thursday night reports:
“He slid into the booth next to the DJ, popped champagne and quickly had a serious Gold Digger session going. The women were lining up to have a dance off in front of him. At one point he was on the dance floor pouring champagne into strangers mouths. He and Scarlett Johansson had a long moment together on the dance floor, no kissing at all but it seemed like he was giving her some advice or something? He carried on his circus until the place closed down.”
Well, it could be worse, we suppose. He could be going around singing “Unpredictable.” But seriously. Is the Jamie Foxx Era almost done? It was cute the first couple of times, but now it’s just starting to grate. However, the fact that he’s pouring booze straight into people’s mouths like it’s Spring Break in Cancun at Señor Frogs is hysterical. That he can keep doing. SOURCE 


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