It would appear that someone out there has a poor sense of humor. Apparently some internet lowlife seems to be spreading around a link to a fake and extremely poorly written press release claiming that Will Ferrell has died in a paragliding accident. This is what the release says: ‘Los Angeles — Actor Will Ferrell accidentally died in a freak para-gliding accident yesterday in Torey Pines, Southern California. The accident apparently happened somewhere near the famed paragliding site after a freak wind gush basically blew Ferrell and his companion towards a wooded area where they lost control before crashing into the dense foilage. Ferrell and his professional guide, Horacio Gomez of Airtek Paragliding Center attempted the jump at around 2 in the afternoon. According to witnesses, the conditions were basically ideal for para-gliding and the weather did’nt pose a problem at all.’


The above is not the entire release but enough for you to see what we mean about the quality of the report.

Once again, to reiterate: Will Ferrell has NOT died.

According to Montreal’s alternative weekly ‘Hour,’ reports: ‘As of about 4:10 p.m. EST today Will Ferrell was on set at a movie he is shooting in Montreal. This was reported by a source who was standing just a few feet away from the not-dead actor. Ferrell apparently has all of his limbs and was not wearing paragliding equipment. All signs point to him being alive. Which means this mysterious press release was full of hooey.’

And like Defamer points out: ‘..fans of Ferrell might remember that his funeral-haunting character in Wedding Crashers mocks a hang-gliding accident, an irony that would be too obvious for even the most malevolent of gods to inflict on Hollywood.’

i-Newswire has since removed the release, and the story link on Google takes you to a page that reads, “The content of this press release was removed or moved to another location. Please use our search function to search for the new location or enter a search string to find similar items.” A site search on Ferrell’s name comes up with nada on the i-Newswire site.


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