Paul Porter of Industryears and Wendy Day of Rap Coaltion recently decried the ringtone phenomena. Paul Porter decried “Many of us are unhappy with the mixed messages the music industry continues to deliver. We have all seen ads for ring-tones, slickly marketed to target younger demos. Ring-tones for many youth are an expression of their identity. The music industry has effectively found a new revenue stream that mostly has gone unnoticed.” 

Jamster based in the UK, has effectively monopolized the US market. For now research regarding ring-tones shows tremendous growth to an already multi billion industry. In the US, only 26% percent of all cell phone users have downloaded ring-tones. A staggering 74% under the age of 19 have downloaded at least one music industry ring-tone.

Wendy Day said “Not to mention the fact that artists are only receiving 10% of the label’s split of income for downloaded ring tones. So let’s just say that out of the $1.99 that some kid pays to have Laffy Taffy irritate an entire room of people when his phone rings, that Warner is getting $1. D4L, IF they own their own publishing and I have some serious doubts about that, will receive 10 cents IF they have recouped (which I also seriously doubt).”

Sprint allows users to make free ringtones to download to phones from MP3 or WAV files however teenagers have often opted for existing songs.

Porter continued “The corporate blitz of marketing turned pork into “the new white meat” and ring-tones have now surpassed single sales in the UK and US. You can continue to watch the slick ads and download tunes at $1.99-$2.99 per tune. Or simply say no to the music industry’s new way to increase dwindling sales of lack luster talent and content. While your at it please tell a child or teen that ring-tones don’t make you cool.



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