VANCOUVER, British Columbia- Former Colorado Avalanche player Steve Moore has filed another court document against Vancouver Canucks right wing Todd Bertuzzi.Moore’s lawyer in Vancouver, George Macintosh, filed the papers on Moore’s behalf Tuesday.

Bertuzzi was suspended following an on-ice attack of Moore in March 2004. Bertuzzi was suspended for the final 13 games of the 2003-04 season and the playoffs for his actions.

The incident took place March 8, 2004 during a game between the Vancouver and Colorado. Bertuzzi punched Moore in the head from behind, then jumped on his back and drove him face-first into the ice.

Moore was motionless in a puddle of blood before being carted off on a stretcher. He was hospitalized with a broken neck, a concussion and deep cuts on his face, and hasn’t played since.

“Moore hopes the trial takes place either in Colorado, where his team is, or in Ontario, where he lives, and Todd Bertuzzi is from,” his lawyer said.


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