The 37th Annual NAACP Image Awards was held yesterday in Los Angeles, every negro person of color with BSP (Black star power) was in attendance. Ladies got their hair did and fellows got their heads faded because like we all know, Black people love to look good when we party. This is our equivalent to the Oscars. Doesnt get better than this. If Judge Mathis can win an Image award, who the hell says I cant? You know I always had a dream just like Martin that one day I will be at the Image Awards.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Host for this evening Mr Cuba Gooding Jr.


Samuel L. Jackson received the award for Outstanding Actor in a motion picture.


James Pickens Jr., Chandra Wilson, Isaiah Washington, Sandra Ho and Shonda Rhimes (who is the Creator and Executive producer) from Grey’s Anatomy win for Best Drama Series. Best show on tv in a long time.


The Beautiful Alicia Keys wins Outstanding Female Musical Artist.


Hollywood’s New Playboy Jamie Fox wins Outstanding Male Musical Artist.


Mad Black Woman Kimberly Elise wins Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture.


Bernie Mac wins Outstanding Male Actor in a Series Comedy.


Terrence Howard wins Outstanding Male Actor in a Motion picture.


Sexy Kerry Washington and her fiance David. After I saw ‘She Hate Me’, I have always wanted to get with kerry even if it means beating the crap out of david in a ring. Her and Dania Ramirez in ‘she hate me’, that’s a beautiful pairing.


Chris Rock and his wife, Malaak Rock.


Chris “Luda” Bridges, Kimberly Elise and Common.


Shemar Moore with his tribute shirt to Coretta Scott King. I was about to say thats played out but i cant because It’s pretty neat.


Chicano Carlos Santana and Samuel L. Jackson.


Lovely Rosa Perez.





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