From AHH Rumors:



So, my man hit me up with a rumor he heard. Last week, Common was rocking at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I heard Com was rockin’ it b-boy style all the way down to the breakdancing. Shout out to Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Ced Coast 97.3, who I heard were in the house. Anyway, Common was wearing a shirt that stated “I Love Black People,” but there was a skinhead-looking fellow in the front row. I won’t say he was definitely a skinhead, but what he did next is a good indication that he was! The dude continuously heckled Com during the show and capped it off with a middle finger to the Chi-Town rapper. He must have thought it was sweet with Com, but I heard Sense wasn’t having it. I heard Com walked over to the skinhead and slapped the fire out of his racist face right in the middle of the damn show. The whole crowd went wild, I heard. Common reportedly said, “I don’t know what you thought but I am from the South Side of Chicago!” Security removed the man and the crowd gave him a beer shower on the way out. Eventually, the crowd calmed down and Common ushered peace back into the House…but, the skinhead left with the Blues! 

If that’s true, I’m loving Com right now.

“What you rappin’ for to get fame or get rich?/I slap a nigga like you, and tell him “Rick James bitch!”Chi City. SOURCE



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