A new special issue of golf magazine The Green features a controversial image on the cover that has caused one retail chain to call for its immediate removal from all store branches. Intending to pay tribute to African American and Women’s history, the February/March issue of the publication has a cover photo of a sign from 1784 advertising “Negroes For Sale.” The Arizona-based retail chain Sports Authority, which carries the magazine along with other major retailers nationwide, sent a companywide e-mail to employees calling for the immediate removal of the magazine from store shelves. After receiving the e-mail, one Sports Authority employee contacted the magazine’s offices to say that the image was “just rude to be on the cover of a golf magazine,” reports Target Market News.


  1. Chaparrita

    I guess it works. Considering what golf means, is it any surprise they would try to pull a stunt as this? On the other hand, the hype behind this, may cause an increase in sales! People are curious, and will find a way to get this issue.

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