“First thing when I wake up and right before I close my eyes at night, I think, sense, feel man like I’m under some kind of microscope, Satellites over my head, Transmitters in my dollars, Hawking, watching, scoping, jocking, Scrutinizing me, Checking to see what I’m doing, Where I be, Who I see, How and where and with whom I make my money, What is this? “Excuse me Miss, may I have your phone number and your social security?” Who me? When all I came to do is buy my double or tripple A batteries, Please, I DECLINE!!!Jill Scott – ” Watching Me “

Newly appointed Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day is using his new position to show Canadians his party’s commitment to fiscal restraint and minimal state intrusion into citizens’ lives. After all, what could be unintrusive than a $5 Million National System of identity cards?


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