According to VH1 Camron made an announcement of his plans to release a DVD on which he will “deal with” internet predators aka pedophiles in the same style but a different manner as NBC. Cam says “We set up a similar situation where we are videotaping people thinking they’re gonna meet little kids,” he continued. “When they get there, it’s gonna be me and [my manger] Big Joe like, ‘What the hell are you doing, you damn pervert? What the f— is wrong with you, coming to meet a 13-year-old boy?’ We’re gonna talk to them and not let them leave until we find out what’s wrong with them.” Cam said he has caught two people in compromising positions, so far, and he wants to catch at least eight more for the still-untitled DVD. According to his crew, the Diplomats, there will be no police involvement.


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