R. Kelly‘s brother Kerry will drop these bombshells in a tell-all DVD:

R. Kelly has had several affairs with underage chicks including Aaliyah
R. Kelly molested his own niece
R. Kelly asked his brother to tell police he was the dude having sex with an underage chick on camera
R. Kelly showed the underage sex tape to everyone and was proud of it
R. Kelly beats his wife
R. Kelly and his wife always have threesomes
R. Kelly is bi-sexual
R. Kelly’s song Trapped in the Closet is about his life .

On the DVD Kerry says that R Kelly is the man having sex with underage girls on the infamous R Kelly Sex Tape. He claims that R Kelly was so proud of the tape that he constantly showed it to his friends, once he even scheduled an impromptu screening on his tour bus. According to Kerry, when the tape was leaked to the public and a criminal investigation ensued, R Kelly offered Carey $50,000 in cash and a record deal to lie to police and say that he was the man on the tape. Finally, Kerry drops an atomic bomb in the DVD. He claims that R Kelly is bisexual. According to Kerry, R Kelly has engaged in numerous gay relationships and his latest hit song Trapped in the Closet is loosely based on R Kelly’s life.


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