I love Valentine’s Day, I think it is great we have one day a year to put aside everything and concentrate on our significant other. Actually, I think it is sad we need a holiday to make us do something romantic. The nature of Valentine’s Day is pure and caring and all around “sexy”. Think of all the creative, romantic, and sexual occurrences on that one day a year.Think about it, every day of the year nobody cares if you have a significant other, but suddenly it’s Valentine’s Day and it is everyone’s business what your “plans” are or what “gift” you received. It’s even worse that most gifts are public displays of affection. Don’t we do this on any other holiday? Listen nobody cares you received flowers, secretly they probably want to stub you in the eye because all you can talk about all day is, “hey did you see the five dozen roses mr Romantic sent me?” “No, because you fucking ego is blocking my view!!” I am not saying you all should label me as “Mr Fuck-Valentine’s day”, Dig a little deep and do something special today. This also does not mean expensive, its about being meaningful. Trust me your significant other will remember a Valentine’s Day that you made her laugh, cry (happy tears), and fall in love all over again. Excuse me, I have to look for that red teddy bear with the chocolate and rip off its head. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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