Bruce Willis has a few fighting words for Oprah over James Frey and even the tabloid magazines.

“Hey, Oprah,” Willis continues.

“You had President Clinton on your show, and if this [bleep] didn’t lie about a couple of things, I’m going to set myself on fire right now. James Frey is a writer, OK? He can write whatever he wants. It’s fiction, and it’s just hard, it’s just shameful how he was treated in some of these things.”

Willis says Justin Timberlake “was asked to play James Frey in the making of that book, and he waited and waited and listened to everyone and he said – ‘Have you heard of this magazine called In Touch magazine or Us Weekly or InStyle or People or any of these magazines? They lie about people and they just make up [bleep] all week long, and you have to sue them to get it changed.’

“This is the world that we live in. That’s approved and people go, ‘That’s OK,’ and people go, ‘Ooooo, someone is [bleeping] this person over here. Someone did this over here.’ And they’re all lies and no one is yelling at them. So let’s leave James Frey alone.”

Without pausing for breath, Willis turned on Entertainment Weekly, which recently wrote that “Die Hard IV” was one sequel they “didn’t want to see.”

EW “hates me,” he fumed. “They’ve hated me since they’ve been a magazine. F – – – them. And you can go tell them that.”

Courtesy of PAGE SIX



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