Common was nominated for 5 Grammies for his phenomenal album entitled BE. Tavis Smiley who is a huge fan of Common hosted him before the Grammies to get his perspective. Common relayed that “music deserves a messages” and despite the idea that some of his prior work did not go gold in sales he never lost faith in his ideas. However Common fills that the time is right in the world for his message because people are saying”ok, I will rock to this or that but I am not going to play this in the home… I dont listen to a lot of stuff that is on the radio.I think some of this imagery is false and contrived”

In a refreshing turn Common told Tavis that he no longers want to fight against the label of being a concious artist. ” I used to think that the label was bad and that they were trying to box me in and seperate me from other rappers but if Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Steve Wonder and KRS1 are labeled as aware or concious artist then that’s a category I want to be in.” Before leaving Common testified to his strong friendship with Kanye West who produced over 80% of the albums tracks. Telling Tavis the BE album ” didnt start out with Kanye because he was working on somebody else album but I came in the studio and he offered me an amazing track”, this was the begining but not the genesis of the relationship. Common admits “when I first met him back in the day in Chicago, he used to talk a lot of yang and was shallow but now he is just so mature and evolved now , so the relationship just jelled to the point where the album was spectacular.”


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