Spike Lee is a man known in Hollywood with many slashes -director/actor/writer/producer/outspoken social critic. On Wednesday night, the 48-year-old Lee retained the latter crown, poking fun at Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – and his brother – and speaking out against a “gangsta” mentality among some blacks and a mass media that cashes in on it. “No one gets upset that pimpdom gets elevated on a pedestal,” he said, repeatedly making references to Snoop Dogg and lambasting the rapper’s stereotype-fueled comedy “Soul Plane. “We are bombarded by these (’gangsta’) images again and again and again and again. They do make a difference on human behavior,” said Lee, adding that he thinks allowing a child to sit in front of a television unsupervised should be a criminal act. Lee, who has directed music videos, criticized “gangsta” rap videos for their portrayal of women as “ho’s.” He accused these rappers of “cooning” – a reference to an old racial slur that framed blacks as uneducated and primative. “African-Americans are known all over the world from these videos,” he said



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