I applaud Wyclef Jean. At a time when most rappers only care about how many cars they own and how ignorant they can be in front of the cameras, Wyclef, who has always been vocal about his homeland and its political condition, has braved the nuisances of Haiti to make sure he participates in the current elections. Not only has he gone back, he is assisting people in getting his country back to some kind of order. This is rare because most Hip-Hoppers could care less about what happens in their city, state or country. Of course, most of them appear every four years during the presidential elections to take advantage of whatever publicity is going on surrounding the actual elections.

I am almost 387% sure that this is the first time you are hearing about Wyclef Jean going back to Haiti for this purpose as the general media doesn’t care when a person of color actually cares about where their future lies, unless, of course, it’s done for political/publicity purposes. It is a shame that this is the norm to NOT cover positive activity done by our ‘prominent’ Hip-Hop acts.

On the front cover the past several days in the daily papers has been the tragedy that took place at Busta Rhymes’ video shoot (pun intended). The focus is now on the unwillingness of the more popular rappers to speak to the police about the occurrences over the weekend. Now all of a sudden Busta is a gangsta rapper. I have my thoughts on the circus that this has become, but you see that any chance the mainstream media has to exploit the ignorance or negativity that may surround a Hip-Hop artist, they can cover it full time and report inaccurate information (without fact-checking), yet, another prominent artist is actually risking his life for the better of his homeland and you don’t hear about it. Truthfully, the only reason I knew about this is by reading about it as a sidenote as to why Wyclef won’t be at the Grammys. They are more concerned about his lack of attendance at the Grammys than for the reason he will not be there. You would think that, even in the article, they would applaud his efforts and wish for a safe return! But, I forgot, he is still Black in their eyes. Let Sting or Jon Bon Jovi do something like this and watch MTV and the other media outlets blast it like they are taking over the world!

I also have to blast my counterparts in the Hip-Hop media for continuously showing the more negative images and not showing the same efforts in reporting good news! We always know where we can find the negativity of our community by just picking up the daily papers or turning on the local and national news. But where are we finding out what good is being done in our community. I know there are resources that do this, but we ALL need to do this to counterattack the bullshit that I’m sure we are all sick of seeing/reading. But, without us collectively pursuing these type of stories with the same passion when pursuing the bad ones, then we can help change this long, ongoing stereotype that we constantly have to fight. Yes, you are the blame for corrupting our kids and each other because you are not doing anything to balance the news.

And publicists, do your client a great service when they are doing good! And I don’t mean the artists who do things for publicity purposes. Publicists are quick to give statements from their clients to deny or put a spin to any negative story that comes from that artist. Why not let us know what good your client is doing? I know that all Hip-Hop artists are not bad. I will be the first to post EVERY positive piece of news that your client is involved in! Are we that ignorant that we can’t have news items that report that an artist is actually living a reputable life?

Once again, I applaud Wyclef Jean for his efforts, past, present and future and for making me believe that there are positive Hip-Hop artists that have a genuine interest in making life better for others.

Courtesy of IndustryCosign




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