Ever since Cam’ron opened his big fucking mouth and dissed President Carter aka Jay-Z, words have been spreading like wildfire. Alot of peeps wanna know if Mr Carter is indeed going to retaliate and release one of those “million dollar diss records”. It’s been about a month since Nas signed with Def Jam, and now the alliance has become official: He and Jay are on the same team. My fingers have been crossed, waiting for a diss record from both Jay-z and Nas airing Camron and the dipshits out. According to rumors, there is an interview with both Jay and Nas which would be aired on BET. Nas has some very harsh words for the harlem diplomat.

Nas:  Some of these artists that come at artists have everything you could
tear down in a rhyme.  Just look at them.  Just look at their appearance,
look what they sound like, how they got in the game.  The whole history of
their existence in rap is a joke.  I just don’t understand the nerve of some
of these dudes.

BET: To be attacking guys like y’all. 

Nas:  Not even.  Less than that.  The nerve.  An earring like that [holds
fingers to his ear, indicating a large earring]?

The Quote is reference to those ridiculous big square earrings that Cam’ron wears.


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