By Nahright

SOHH has a report up alledging that Cam filed suit against “an unknown assailant” after being assaulted during what has now come to be referred to as “The Infamous Rucker Park Incident”. This is confusing to me for a couple of reasons. First of all, if he sued somebody from Junior Mafia, wouldn’t Cease have brought that up on the Cocaine City DVD when he shows the beatdown video? It seems to me like that revelation would be way more damaging to Cam and the Dips then a video of them catching a bad one or something like, oh I don’t know, Jim Jones’ Catholic school picture could ever be. After all, anybody can get caught slipping, but you have to purposely go into court and file a lawsuit.

Second, from what I saw of that video, Cam was too busy doing a flawless Michael Johnson impersonation to have gotten touched during that incident. It’s hard to get beat down when your pursuers can’t find you. Still, if you read the police report from that day it does state that Mr. Giles was “knocked to the ground and kicked” by 15 attackers. And I know what you’re thinking but no, the police report alone doesn’t really prove anything because the police were probably called to the hospital because it was a case of assault. Who knows. I expect Killa to announce a press conference anyday now to either refute these claims or attack Jay-Z for his lackluster cuff link selection or whatever fashion violation he’s riding against this week. 



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