“Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

— Malachy McCourt


808s & Heartbreak

Of all the stories Donda West read to her little son at bedtime, “Pinocchio” must have been a favorite. The tale of the puppet who longed to be human obviously resonates with Kanye West. On “Pinocchio Story,” the bonus live track that turns out to be the key to his audaciously introspective fourth album, he freestyles about the character, repeatedly singing, “I want to be a real boy.” Continue reading “808s & Heartbreak”

The Unpopular President

According to the cnn polls, george w. bush has the worst approval rating in the history with 76% of the surveyed disapproving his post. not really a surprise; read details here

One thing i must say though… kanye west was wrong, George bush does care about black people. if it weren’t for bush doing such a great job as president, there’s no way barack obama wins this election. had al gore or john kerry won either of the two terms bush ran, obama wouldn’t have even been a consideration within the democrats.

so let’s all thank bush for the historic election of barack obama! 🙂

Auto Bailout: Yes or No?

The Big 3 automakers now have to sit in an uncomfortable little office while Congress goes out and talks with the manager.

Let’s get this straight.  GM desperately needs a bailout by the American taxpayer.  They say so, the Democrats say so, and so does the MSM. But interestingly enough, GM’s global sales rose 19% in the last ten years.  And in the third quarter of 2008, 61% of sales came from outside North America. Reported today, GM is showing-off a Buick Enclave SUV, a Chevrolet Cruze sedan and a CTS-V to keep an edge it already has in the Chinese automobile market.  It’s this unveiling, which is considered necessary to provide GM with a strong comeback in the United States. Maybe it’s time — way past time to stop, look and listen to what is really going on before shelling out more tax dollars. Ford also has large overseas operations, while almost 20% of Chrysler is owned by Daimler Benz. There is much more to these companies than just the American market.